Couple laying on the ground surrounded by purple flowers with their eyes closed.
Couple laying on the ground surrounded by purple flowers with their eyes closed.

Terian & Nate – Montrose Harbor Engagement Session

Filed in Engagement  /  June 24, 2021 /

I’m a lover of black and white photography. It’s probably why I opened up this blog post with some black and white photographs from a recent engagement session at Montrose Harbor in Chicago but honestly, I love color too. That’s probably why I embraced a harsh sunny morning and left 95% of these photographs in color.

You see… I’m always categorized as a “moody photographer” and hell, I call myself that too because I simply just gravitate to the moody romantic. Then someone told me my style was dated a few days ago and I literally looked at my computer screen with the most baffled look of “wtf”. My style or way of editing is not dated. I’m an artist and I photograph what I want to photograph, how I want to photograph it. However, I also show what I like to shoot which is cloudy days, moody pictures and insanely romantic people. But hey, it’s not realistic. Some days are sunny, some days are rainy, some days some people who have hired me just don’t vibe with my creativity.

That’s totally okay. I’ll show you what I want.

So here is a pretty awesome, fun, silly, romantic, BRIGHT, true to real life color, engagement session in Chicago. My couple is fun and eccentric, the like fun colors and they got an architecturally interesting location surrounded by nature and a little bit of city, plus super blue spring skies. I’ll take it. I’ll run with it. (and incorporate a little of me where I can.)

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