It's more than an investment, it's a           

The Experience


We have been shooting happy couples and moody portraits for ages and found what legit lights our fire. Here you can find all the details about the experience and investment.

Are you ready yet?

Or you're a quiet individual that likes to read who also thinks they aren't photogenic. Wrong! We are seriously here to capture your authentic self. We are down with whoever you are, where ever you are. We just want to create art that gives a little sparkle to your eyes. 

Here are some of those details you kind of want to know about. We get it. You deserve a kickass experience & not just the bells & whistles of a wedding. There is no one-size-fits-all collection for you. Our couples typically invest between $6500-$9500 on photography & we've broken down below a little bit about what that means but everything is customizable since no two weddings are the same.

Let me guess, you are a fun and quirky soul that thinks you aren't photogenic...

Think again!

We aren't just documentary photographers, we artists who love to create artistic photographs whether it be on film, digital or another form. We utilize light in all forms & environment plays a huge role in inspiration.

Let's get wierd

We are all about you being you but we will help you along the way. We totally hate using the word "posed" but we will direct you, give you prompts to help loosin' you up letting your true personality shine so that your photographs reflect exactly who you are. 


Be prepared to get

The bond between a photographer & client should be filled with trust & understanding. We will guide you, give you helpful information, help be your pro timeline planners & navigator for all things photo & video when it comes to your day. Everyone deserves incredible photography no matter your body shape, ethnicity or identity.

Trusted friend

from Artists & Stories

what to expect

We hope each of our couples will become our friends in the process. Our team is always on their game assisting you with your dress, hair, boutonnière pinning, and more. 

In 17 years, Megan has sewed brides in to their dresses, pinned countless boutonnieres, calmed nerves, re-done a brides hair, help a bride with a spider in her dress, and countless other things. You name it, it's probably happened.  

+ Friend & Built in Bridesmaid!

The great thing about our online print shop is you can design everything yourself. However, if you are not the designing type, we offer a few different full design services a long with additional luxury wedding albums you wont find in our print shop.

+ album degisn services

Couples and their guests receive discounts and free gifts throughout the year to our online shop. 

+ yearly discounts to the print shop

Each client receives a high resolution download of their gallery without watermarks and a release for their photographs.

+ high resolution digital download + Release

Our online print shop includes everything from archival prints, fine art albums, books, magazines, keepsake boxes, framed prints and more. 

+ Access to print shop in gallery

Each of our couples is delivered a professional online print order gallery with edited, high resolution photographs with their collection. 

+ Online gallery with high resolution, edited photos

Like we said above, think again! We are here to help guide you on your wedding day or during your portrait session. Our work is a reflection of your personalities and how you naturally flow together. During our time together we will give you direction and prompts to keep things as natural and authentic as possible.

+ Direction with prompts + poses

Our client only insiders wedding guide has everything from our studio policies to everything you need to know to help create your wedding photography vision. You wont find it anywhere else! 

+ Our Complete Wedding Guide

We are here to help! Included is a custom photography timeline tailored to your wedding. We provide several planning tips and ideas to help you build your photography timeline. 

+ Timeline Guidance

We love creative consults! This consultation serves as an opportunity for us to collaborate and ensure that the final product will meet your expectations. We will go over important details such as the timeline for the wedding day, lighting considerations, photo locations, any exceptions along with much more. It's a great chance for us to get to know each other better and understand your vision for the big day, while also giving you a chance to ask any questions you may have and finalize some plans!

+ Creative Consultation

Our first step with booking is a pre- wedding consultation call. We will get to know each other, talk about your vision, our approach to wedding photography and of course, answer any of your questions that you might have. 

+ Pre- wedding consultation

To us booking a wedding photographer is all about the experience and the photographs. We wanted to make sure each of our wedding collections provides the best experience possible for our couples. Here are just some of the things we offer with our collections. 

All Weddings Include -

It's always a good time for a session. Portrait photography includes engagement, boudoir, family, maternity & just because portraits. 




You are eloping for a reason. Elopement collections are so unique we really can't put an amount till we chat with you but we will give you an idea.

Elopements with Megan begin at $5500
Associate Collections begin at $2500

Our couples on average invest in around $7000 for their wedding day coverage but every wedding is unique. 

Megan's Collections begin at $5500
Associate Collections begin at $2500


These photos will outlive you for generations to come.

Albums & Prints

The final step in your journey is printing your story. We offer design your own fine art and luxury wedding albums and prints. Not into designing the album yourself? No worried! We also offer full design services!


Your photos have arrived in your online print order gallery. Here you'll get to see all your sneak peeks, your full gallery, slideshow and more. 

The Big Day!

The big day is here! We are all amped and excited to create beautiful, documentary and fine art imagery. Relax, we got this!


We will send you some questionnaires, chat with you about our vision for your story over the duration of our time together. We will also plan your photography timeline. It's a good time to schedule an engagement session during this time.


When you have decided you just have to have us document your session or wedding day, let's lock it in with a contract and a 50% retainer. 


Send my an inquiry with all the best details about yourselves your love story and your vision. Let's hop on a call and make sure we vibe! We pride ourselves on having clear communication and vision for your wedding story.

The Process


you may be wondering about some things

Frequently Asked Questions

We travel often for sessions and weddings! For work that is located within 40 miles of Union, Illinois then there are no travel fees which includes Chicago weddings only (not sessions). Anything outside of that radius will have a fee per mile outside that radius!

If the drive is 2 or more hours, we require a hotel accommodation for the night of the wedding or session. 

For weddings outside the Midwest or international we require airfare and travel accommodations. Inquire for our full list of travel fees and requirements.

We work on a first come, first serve basis. If you’re looking for more info or wanting to see if we are available for your date or concept - Fill out out inquiry form. It is the easiest way to get in touch. 

Booking process:

- Discovery call 
- Proposal Offer - Select your collection, add-ons, sign the contract, pay the 50% retainer. Your remaining balance will be due 60 days prior to your wedding or session date. 
- You're booked!

We promise we are not the type of photographers to hold your photographs hostage. We deliver a wide variation of photographs from our weddings and sessions. On average, an 8 hour wedding may have 1,000 images delivered. Engagement sessions may have around 100 images. Of course, there are NO guarantees. We do guarantee roughly 60-80 photographs an hour. Our photographic style and delivery depends on a few factors like hour coverage, guest count, and number of events during the day.

As a small business our top priority is delivering your photographs but life does happen. In 2021 the most important person in my world passed away making life stop because of that it taught me about transparency, setting expectations and planning for a disaster. I (Megan) hand touch every wedding that comes through Artists & Stories. That said, while we have increased delivery times in our contract, we always attempt to delivery early. We will always be in communication about your photos and where you are in our queue.

We deliver sneak peeks within the first 2-5 weeks of your marriage. We guarantee delivery of your complete online gallery within 12-16 weeks of your wedding or 8 weeks of your session. 

While I spent the last 10 years living in Chicago, I have settled down in a beautiful A-frame home in Union, Illinois with my husband which is located about 1.25 hours north of Chicago. 

We travel often for weddings. We serve all Chicagoland areas, Illinois, surrounding midwest states and every where in between. You want us to document our story somewhere, we'll be there.

Myself and our entire team carries equipment and liability insurance. If your venue needs it, I am more than happy to provide that for them within reasonable notice.

So much factors into a wedding story. Your vision, flow, how non-traditional you want to be. Some weddings may have multiple parts to their story like a pre-ceremony, ceremony. For many couples, 8 hours is ideal. We can go more into details about your timeline during our discovery call. I do recommend booking a minimum amount of coverage you may need. Then you can upgrade later to the specific amount of hours needed.

Unpopular opinion: I love photographing weddings alone. 

But to be honest, a second photographer is great. It helps me, help you. I am able to relax a bit more on a wedding day and approach scenes more slowly knowing that I have an extra set of eyes on your day and have a built in assistant. Having a second photographer is an alternative perspective on your wedding day that can add to your story both documentary wise and creatively. They are able to be in locations that I'm not like multiple getting ready locations or cocktail hour while I'm snapping family portraits. Ideally with a second photographer added to your collection you get more photos, more details, more moments. And who doesn't want that?!

Second photographers can be added as a 5 hour minimum up to full day coverage.

We primarily photograph on all Canon professional cameras, flashes and lenses for our weddings and sessions. 

While we primarily photograph utilizing natural and ambient light, we also use various lighting equipment and occasionally will document certain moments of a wedding or session on film cameras. 

Megan is an incredible photographer. Working with her felt like working with a friend not just a professional. She was easy to work and laugh with which meant my husband and I were able to feel 100% relaxed and comfortable. Our photos came out amazing and she trully captured our day in a special way.

Artists & Stories


Mandy & Carlos

Megan Saul is an incredible photographer. Fate truly brought us together and I knew she would understand our vibe immediately! She captured so many wonderful moments of our day, put our unique spin on our photos, and I laugh every time I look back at our moody photo booth pictures! She was truly more than a photographer to us but a friend through the whole experience. I couldn't recommend her enough!

Artists & Stories


Meghan & Kevin

Megan helped make our incredible wedding day -- the happiest day of our lives -- something we can cherish forever. Her photography not only captured the day's spirit but also all the sudden instances that now help us recall how emotional it was. Her attention to detail and her eye for angles, lighting, and composition are uncanny. We'll look at these photos for years and will forever be thankful to Megan for putting her heart and soul into everything she does, including our wedding. On top of all that, she is absolutely pro: she takes pride in her work and delivers only the best product and service. I could not recommend her any higher.

Artists & Stories


Kirsa & Andrew

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Clear value proposition. Ex: Memoir Studio helps busy online entrepreneurs leverage their websites to scale their business and build passive income through digital products.

If you ask me, I am a self-proclaimed badass photographer that captures true emotion with all its grit and beauty. I also turned an opportunity into a goldmine and i'm here to share. Tones extraordinary taste xs couture artificial. Etiquette hanger cheap cut look trend. 

If you like raw & honest photos, I’m your wing-woman.

Hi, I'm Danika Mahonne.

Photographer, Educator & Your Newest Hype Woman