Bride and groom in their wedding attire looking across the street outside Thalia Hall in Chicago.
Bride and groom in their wedding attire looking across the street outside Thalia Hall in Chicago.

Oi. We Survived.

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I suppose if you are reading this you know I’m alive and you probably survived the last year and a half too. Woohoo!!! To say a lot has changed in my world since I last blogged in 2017 would be a total understatement. I’m an entirely different person who is re-branding their business, made a new website which is still very under construction, taking their “art” in a different direction, most of my weddings moved to 2021, had some “clients” cancel, became alcohol free (woo! 2 years July 1), has a fantastic partner to do life with, bought a home during Covid-19, moved out of Chicago (but hey, I’m not too far away but far enough), I own 4 acres in the country and I garden like I’m a farmer now (#newpassions), I lost my dog to cancer and my cat to some other health issue just last week, I foster a lot of cats and adopted a ton to (#catlady) lost some friends to shitty gun violence in Chicago, had family in the ICU with Covid and just overall like many of you had a shitastic year. I’m looking forward life again, to booking more weddings and more work in general. I miss photographing. I miss people but man do I love living in the country.

I feel like these days I am running on fumes and there really aren’t fumes to run on. My bank account looks like it was robbed, my work doesn’t fee like me, I’m burnt out differently.


There is a light at the end of this tunnel. I’ve rediscovered myself through this pandemic, through this break from blogging and somewhat social media. What I know is that the brand Megan Saul Photography will be no longer come 2022 and it will fully become Artists & Stories. A wedding photography collective filled with goodness and authentic storytelling (and an authentic cursing me.) I’ll be honest more and share my dreams. My associates and I will hopefully get to photograph some rad love stories and most of all, I hope that I can breathe life back in to my art, my photography. I want to shoot more for me and less for clients who don’t trust my visions. I want to build a brand that really works for who me and my associates are.

We are all searching for the next chapter in our lives, the next steps. I feel strongly this is it. I mean it got me to blog again right? I want to bring education for couples and creatives. I want to capture stories in an authentic way and really throw tradition out the door (because seriously fuck tradition.)

I hope you’ll support me on this journey. Support me shooting with a point and shoot camera at times or whatever camera I choose to pick up or go with whatever weird direction I give you. I truly feel the best is yet to come. I finally figured out who I am and what I’ve been doing the last few years isn’t it.

In addition to all this news, when 2022 hits, Artists & Stories will fully launch. Megan Saul will still live but I will be turning Megan Saul in to commercial, brand identity and fine art photography. I need to go back to my roots and get outside my comfort zone and I want my name for that. I think it will be an adventure that you will fully enjoy and support.

Artists & Stories is a make up three creatives. Me – Megan Saul, Matt and Andrew. We all shoot similarly but also different so we will bring a lot of goodness to couples. Artists & Stories is currently hiring one more associate for the 2022 season. If you are interested, please send me an e-mail to We are also seeking an intern for 2021 fall season and we have launched mentorships with yours truly on our website.

Big changes right? Scary ones, but great ones. I promise you wont be disappointed. In the meantime, enjoy some random photos from the past two-ish years. I have a lot of blogging to do (I mean I haven’t since 2017 so I have a back log of really awesome weddings and engagement sessions to blog with some random shit in between. You can view my Instagram for some of the latest photos and updates. I promise the best is yet to come.

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