Formally just Megan Saul but that wasn't enough so now we're this cool new collective who want to tell your story. 

A story is something that is told for generations. It is something that makes you feel. It is timeless. It is honest. It is real. We capture the organic, small, imperfect, and emotional moments that tell the story of your wedding. We want you to relive it as if you were there. We capture the in-between moments that make, you, you. The laughter, the loud, and quiet moments. The moments that matter. When a distant relative discovers your wedding album tucked away in an attic long after the cake has been eaten, the flowers have become the earth again and your dress has turned a different shade, your photographs show your day frozen in time.

We host everything in our studio from meetings, workshops, boudoir sessions, head shots and various portrait sessions. We also have everything from backdrops, various lighting equipment + furniture. Studio is available by appointment only. Send us an e-mail to learn more.

We would love to meet you with you or photograph you in our wonderful Logan Square studio we are moving in to November 2019. Our studio is 400sft + includes a large panel of windows to get an amazing amount of natural light. No worries, I know the studio looks bright but I promise we know how to capture the light. 

Megan is truly amazing! My husband and I were so lucky to have them as our wedding photographers. They are so down to earth, easy to work with, fun, creative, and most importantly, extremely talented. The way they captured our love on our wedding day brings me to tears. Thank you guys for giving us these lasting and beautiful memories!

Megan is an incredible photographer. Working with her felt like working with a friend not just a professional. She was easy to work and laugh with which meant my husband and I were able to feel 100% relaxed and comfortable. Our photos came out amazing and she trully captured our day in a special way.

If I had a dime for all of the photographers that came up as options for our wedding, I would be rich. There are SO many photographers to choose from nowadays that it can be quite overwhelming to decide on "the one" for a wedding. After doing a substantial amount of research and interviews, we stumbled upon Megan Saul due to a mutual friend we had in common. They say everything happens for a reason.. well it sure did! Instantly, my husband and I connected with Megan-- after getting a feel for who Megan Saul Photography was, we immediately understood that photography wasn't her job, it was her passion... which CLEARLY shows in her work. Additionally, Megan made us feel comfortable which results in even better photos.

A girl who started with a dream for something more, to help people have raw, honest photography + educate about authentic photography. We are storytellers. We are formally Megan Saul + Co.


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We have been spending all our time the past few days looking through the MOST amazing photos. We were so excited when we saw an email that they were ready...then we opened it and were completely blown away.


You are SO TALENTED AND AWESOME GIRL!!!!! I briefly went through all 2,000 of these last night and was blown away. 


You are the most talented chicago wedding photographer! I can't believe how amazing these photos are!