Couple at The Museum of Ice Cream Chicago
Couple at The Museum of Ice Cream Chicago

Museum of Ice Cream Engagement Session

Filed in Engagement  /  January 16, 2023 /

Meghan and Danny’s Museum of Ice Cream engagement session in Chicago was nothing short of a sweet dream come true! The playful atmosphere of the museum provided the perfect backdrop for the couple’s love story. I mean who doesn’t love the color pink and ice cream? This was seriously a fun place to have an engagement session.

As they walked hand in hand through the various rooms, Meghan and Danny couldn’t help but feel giddy with excitement. From the “Sprinkle Pool” room filled with over 100 million sprinkles (even though someone barfed in it and we weren’t allowed to go in the pool but we did get the room to ourselves!), to the “Banana Split” room featuring a life-size split banana sculpture, each room was more Instagram-worthy than the last.

The highlight of the session had to be when the couple took in the colorful surroundings, danced and captured the playful essence of their love. The Museum of Ice Cream’s unique and whimsical atmosphere made for a truly unforgettable engagement session for Meghan and Danny. They left the museum with not only a ring on Meghan’s finger, but also a whole host of sweet memories to treasure forever.

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