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It was Christmas time and I was just a 7-year-old girl when I was handed my first camera. It was a camera that shot on very small rolls of 110 film. I remember running around the dining room at my grandparents photographing anything and everything. I look back at those messy, childhood photos and I think it's the first time I ever experienced love for a passion. It's a passion I still live and breathe to this day.

I mean it when I say I love my job, I live and breathe photography.

I'm infatuated by human connection, emotion, love and cats.

Summer of 2010, I packed my car and decided with little to no money that I was going to make Chicago my new home. Shockingly my fresh talent, my hustling mindset, and working with a few photographers as a second photographer allowed me to build my business and go full time in 2013. I had already found love in being a wedding photographer and documenting one of the most beautiful days of someones life. 

Fast forward, in 2023 I will be celebrating 10 years of being fully 100% a small business owner. I love what I do and I’m only getting better at it.

Here are some cool things I'm doing outside of photography this year:

+ Rescuing all the animals
+ Volunteering for a non-profit I am a director at
+ Taking a gardening class
+ Gardening like I'm a farmer
+ Furthering my education in herbalism
+ Going on my honeymoon (finally!)

The first time I held a camera might have been when I was 7 but my real journey started in the 6th grade in the smallest, messiest darkroom in my photography elective. It's in middle school when I won my first award for a landscape photo. From that point, I continued to take photography throughout middle school, high school and college. To say photography is apart of me is an understatement. It is me. I don't know differently. 

Throughout college I primarily focused on fine art photography on various formats of analog photography. My most loved was my 4x5 view camera. I created magic on that camera. Truthfully, I still would if I had the time. I found a love for photographing people intimately through portraiture and setting up shots. I absolutely had no desire to be a documentary photographer and especially not a wedding photographer. My journey through college was met with a lot of soul searching though like most people in their late teens and early 20s. 

I photographed my first wedding while in college for a friend. Her parents paid me $600 and that was the first time I really truly enjoyed “documenting” a moment. Over the next few years I would photograph a few weddings for friends before hopping in my car to change my life completely. 

My Story

How I found a love for photography and documenting lives

I run an animal rescue and I quite literally am a real cat lady. Just with a husband.

cats + rescue

I garden like I am a farmer and absolutely love plants.

Garden lover

My husband and I own a stunning A-frame home on 4 acres in Northern Illinois.

A-Frame Home

I grew up in Florida for the first 21 years of my life. I've lived in Illinois for 12.5 years.

Florida Native

Some Facts About Me

My husband & I are creating our own homestead to become more self sustainable.


I'm introverted & extroverted. Most days I'm a homebody but get me out of my shell & I will have a good time.


My grandfather was many things in life but one of the best things he ever did was love me and help guide me. He inspired me to follow my dreams. He was a technical creative himself, majoring in computer science. My grandfather gave me my first real camera. A Canon AE-1 that I used throughout grade school and college. He said growing up he wanted to be a photographer, specifically one in the Navy but the Navy had other plans. While he didn't teach me much about photography itself, he taught me a lot about working hard, showing up, and living my life to its absolute fullest.

The man who made me a photographer

The Man, The Legend

My photography style can be described as nostalgic and photojournalistic with an artistic and editorial flair. I specialize in telling stories through photographs. 

I approach each wedding day like one of your best friends documenting your story. I'm present but I also like to blend in, be invisible. It's when I take some of my most intimate photographs. I want your photographs to be a reflection of you, your happiness and what surrounds your life and makes it beautiful.

Megan is truly amazing! My husband and I were so lucky to have them as our wedding photographers. They are so down to earth, easy to work with, fun, creative, and most importantly, extremely talented. The way they captured our love on our wedding day brings me to tears. Thank you guys for giving us these lasting and beautiful memories!

Megan is an incredible photographer. Working with her felt like working with a friend not just a professional. She was easy to work and laugh with which meant my husband and I were able to feel 100% relaxed and comfortable. Our photos came out amazing and she trully captured our day in a special way.

If I had a dime for all of the photographers that came up as options for our wedding, I would be rich. There are SO many photographers to choose from nowadays that it can be quite overwhelming to decide on "the one" for a wedding. After doing a substantial amount of research and interviews, we stumbled upon Megan Saul due to a mutual friend we had in common. They say everything happens for a reason.. well it sure did! Instantly, my husband and I connected with Megan-- after getting a feel for who Megan Saul Photography was, we immediately understood that photography wasn't her job, it was her passion... which CLEARLY shows in her work. Additionally, Megan made us feel comfortable which results in even better photos.

Some of my favorite things

+ Coffee / a white chocolate mocha
+ My husband + our fur kids
+ Chocolate
+ Fine art photography books
+ Nature
+ Regenerative farming
+ Bread making / Sour Dough
+ Herbalism
+ National Parks
+ Mocktails
+ Plants
+ Wild life
+ Concerts + festivals

Just some of my favorite things I live for every day to help you get to know me more personally.

+ Cats, cats, cats
+ Road trips + traveling
+ Antique shopping
+ Pasta
+ Gardening
+ Gilmore Girls
+ Homesteading
+ History
+ Concerts
+ Sentimental gifts
+ Maximalism
+ Dinner parties
+ Charcuterie

There is so much to someones story that goes beyond them. What I do means a lot to those who bring me into their life. Telling your story and representing what matters to you and who you are is important. I look forward to hearing what matters to you & how I can make your vision become a reality. 

A look at all the things that make me, me.

The things that mean the most to me

Thought-provoking boudoir photography for rebellious & intimate souls.

Bare by Megan

We're all about the in between moments; the ones that catch your soul on fire. Let's create something magical.

Unscripted Families


A collection of some of my favorite & best works. While these photographs don't tell a story (that's what the blog is for) they do show creativity, candid moments & most of all the way I see love & light. 

If you want to check out some full wedding stories, head over to the blog or shoot me an e-mail for a few full galleries! 


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