If I had a dime for all of the photographers that came up as options for our wedding, I would be rich. There are SO many photographers to choose from nowadays that it can be quite overwhelming to decide on "the one" for a wedding. After doing a substantial amount of research and interviews, we stumbled upon Megan Saul due to a mutual friend we had in common. They say everything happens for a reason.. well it sure did! Instantly, my husband and I connected with Megan-- after getting a feel for who Megan Saul Photography was, we immediately understood that photography wasn't her job, it was her passion... which CLEARLY shows in her work. Additionally, Megan made us feel comfortable which results in even better photos.

From month 10 to the day off, Megan was responsive, helpful and insightful. I often times found myself leaning on her for overall wedding advice, because, let's face it, she could also consider herself a "wedding expert" due to the sheer amount of weddings she's attended as a photographer. She knows what works best for photo ops (I've heard horror stories of friends who have gotten married and stated that their photographer was asking them what poses and shots they wanted next... WHAT!), is creative beyond belief and is patient, oh so VERY patient. 

Kasi + Ryan
Madison, Wisconsin Wedding

We are so grateful that Megan photographed our wedding this past December in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The photographs from that day are absolutely stunning and capture the spirit of our festivities perfectly. Megan was so responsive and patient with us. Especially since we booked her a month out from our wedding date. We were so thankful she was still available. As we traversed across Cabo, on a boat to an island for our portraits she kept us relaxed and in the moment. I could go on and on about how great Megan is. Her photos from our wedding day are truly amazing.

Kristen + Tyler
Cabo San Lucas Wedding

Megan was fantastic to work with. We hired her for our engagement and wedding day photos. Her photography is beautiful, creative, and unique. My husband and I are so incredibly happy with how our photos all turned out. She actually shot two engagement sessions for us and both times she captured our love, laughter, and happiness perfectly while having fun and making us feel comfortable. I still look back at our photos and swoon. Our Spring 2015 wedding day was also nothing short of awesome. Her and Josh captured the day beautifully and she even helped save my hair and calm my nerves. Turns out we have a lot in common with Megan and Josh and had so much fun working with them. My husband and I couldn't be happier with our choice of photographer.

Lauren + Paul
Chicago Wedding

Megan + Josh are a great team! Their images are beautifully composed, contemporary and creative. My partner and I were immediately drawn to their work upon discovering their portfolio. Even more impressive than their creative talent is their flexible, laidback attitude and the energy their bring to their work. They trekked through sub zero temperatures to capture our engagement session, cracking jokes and making us laugh the whole time. They captured the happiness and intimacy of our small courthouse ceremony, and then produced amazing shots of our larger wedding we had a month later. They are skilled at composing unique shots and making their subjects shine as themselves, not some photo shopped, unrealistic versions of themselves.

I heard somewhere that because the photographer spends so much of the wedding day with you, that it's important to find one that you want to be with! Megan + Josh are the kind of people that will not only provide you with amazing documentation of your day but are also people you will want to keep around and laugh with long after the camera has been put away.

Stephanie + Brian
Chicago Wedding at Salvage One