One day I woke up and I wanted to be a photographer. My name is Megan and I have an infatuation with human connection, anthropology and touch that brought me here. I'm a Florida native who has made the midwest her home. I'm a plant enthusiast with a love for herbs, essential oils, mid-century modern furniture and an organic lifestyle.  I love to travel near and far; I have an adventurous soul that can't sit still for very long and I've been lucky to see so much of the world. I day dream of experiencing everything this beautiful planet has to offer. My cats + dog are the loves of my life. I'm sentimental. I'm part German and no, I can't speak it. My favorite tv show is Grey's Anatomy and I'm pretty devastated that House is over. I have expensive taste in food. I seem to really like it. Pop-punk is my jam. Brand New for days upon days. I'm tattooed and an unnatural redhead. I'm also 4'10" and proud of it. I'd be an interior designer if I wasn't a photographer. Christmas is my favorite holiday so you can sometimes catch me playing Christmas music in July. I wish every day was fall. My Grandparents are everything to me. I have become obsessed with honest weddings, ones with tradition but they threw that tradition out the door and made their day an authentic representation of their marriage. As an artist, I am able to document weddings while incorporating my own artistic visions and yours. Photography is collaboration. 



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